Where we are in the process.

Tonight at midnight the sign up officially closes.

Linda and I are in different cities at the moment and we have decided to have a meeting via skype in the next few days so as not to postpone the decisionmaking process. We will be using a combination of lottery cherry picking.

First, every name who signed up gets printed out. I’ve already started this.

Then, everyone who must be at the game are put in one pile. That is basically me, Linda, the Kitchen and our black box and meta techniques facilitator Elli Åhlvik.
Then I have some people who have helped this game become a reality at all, and I’ve decided I owe them and they are automatically in, although I can’t give them a free game. Some has even turned this offer down, choosing to go with the lottery or even going so far as going directly to the reserve-list.

Once all sign ups are in, and me and Linda are synced up on Skype I will start the lottery. I pull a slip of paper and then place the name in the category they most wished for. If that category is full, they go to their second choice of character category instead. So I will actually do a real, physical draw here, gals.

When the spots at the larp are starting to run out I guess I will be in a tight spot though…
I will have to figure something out. Next time I will instead ask what you _don’t_ want to play.

/Karin Edman (Main Organizer)

Letters to and from home

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