After The Lottery

Karin stands, with her hair band of flowers in front of a wall with the participants names on.

Karin in front of the hierarchy

Linda (my co-organizer) was out of town yesterday, and the sign up had closed. I myself is of the impatient kind, and even though we had given ourselves the permission to postpone the Lottery for spots at the game until june 28:th I knew I myself would love to know as soon as possible. So, working on my own I printed everyone’s names and cut them into thin strips of paper. Some were already “in” but everyone else went into the lottery. Linda set up her skype where she was at and I put my iPhone on my camera tripod so she would be able to see me and the hierarchy of Ästad Farm behind me.

Then I started the draw and I showed her the name on the slip. If possible, we put them in their most wished for category and taped them to that spot on the wall. In this we were lucky, we only had to move a few participants so that no one would end up in a category they did not want. I learned that it’s better to have a “veto” option as well. Like: “I want this the most” “I do NOT want this” and have everything else be ok.

What Happens Now?

Today is midsummers nights eve so I’m hoping to enjoy that but I guess the larp will be churning on in the back of my mind. We pretty much decided that the “pay up” for the 1000 SEK will be between August 20th until October 10th. That can be good to know for those of you who need to save up. We will also work on getting a list of who will participate at the larp and who the top ten reserve-list people are out to everyone (both participants and those on the reserve list). And we will get cracking on completing the participants character outlines so that those can be sent out.
More specific food information(sensitivities, allergies, ethical food practises) will be collected in september.

If you have been given a spot and realize you can’t go anymore, get in touch with us on . You can either scrap your sign up completely or choose to go to the reserve list.

white stripes of paper with applicants names on them lie next to a bunch of roses

The lottery tickets.

Lottery tickets are put in a folded piece of paper with the Three Moons symbol.

From here I drew you.

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