Workshop Schedule for Friday

Workshop Schedule for friday:

Hi and Welcome
Security and Fire safety for the venue

And a game about the themes for the larp.

11:00-11:45 You will divide into groups

Witches and healers will have time to practice using magic and harmonizing their out of game view on it.

The staff (including health) will have time to organize their work. Healers can choose what they need the most.

11:45-13 is Lunch and we recommend you change into your characters work clothes. But you will have some time for hair and make up later, before the game.

13-13:45 We will showcase in game violence, show how cold iron works on witches, you can try it out on each other, and if you want to you can also incorporate this into your personal relationships.

14:00-14:45 Carl Nordblom will talk about how Lucifer will work out for this game, what his function is and so on.
After that we will physically try out doing some daily things together, enter the area where you have dinner and sit down, get all the witches into order in the cellar to walk outdoors, do a formation out in the yard, ready to do gymnastics so everyone know where they usually stand and so on.

14:45 You are free to go fix hair and makeup! We will hopefully start the game at stations given to you at 16:00 but you know…larp.

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