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Working while inspired: Nuns

Wonderkarin draws up the principle of a larp about nuns caught in a armed conflict and evacuated by UN troops. Sisters in faith, brothers in arms. Continue reading

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The Second Run of Witches of Ästad farm is done

Linda & Karin wish to thank our partners Mattias and Jonny for standing by us and encourage us to organize this larp for the second time. We wish to thank all the participants, even those that had life come in … Continue reading

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We open the farm today

We will have almost no phone coverage at Ästad 4H Farm but the phone number is 0340-460 10. Organizers will be there from 14:00 today thursday. There is excellent WiFi there and you will get the pass-word when you arrive.

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Order 79 på svenska

Insåg att vi för stunden inte har den exakta ordalydelsen på “Order 79” den undantagsorder som internerade alla Sveriges Registrerade Häxor i fiktionen. Den är baserad på den högst verkliga Order 79 som internerade japaner och ättlingar i USA efter Pearl … Continue reading

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