The Second Run of Witches of Ästad farm is done

Linda & Karin wish to thank our partners Mattias and Jonny for standing by us and encourage us to organize this larp for the second time.

We wish to thank all the participants, even those that had life come in the way for their actually participating at the larp this year around. We are honored that you put this amount of trust in us and the gusto you took on the larp and played it to the fullest.

What I, Karin have learnt in this iteration was that other larps can have an effect on what the participant think I as an organizer expect of the players. So I want to tell you that I’m going to bring with me that you have to tell the participants that it’s ok to have påslakan (duvet covers).
Also we have to come up with a way to have all the witches start the game with a “fettering rune” on their left arm, even if it means making a stamp by which to stamp all the witch players during the workshop day.

Some of the players are already writing their epilogues which gives me a good feeling.

I have started a pre-sign up to gage interest in a third run.
That can be filled in here.

Administrator Ingild Henriksson 2017 run

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