Working while inspired: Nuns

I recently participated in a Facebook thread where one should describe ones dream larp using a gif. I choose a gif of a nun wielding a automatic rifle.
I also know I have several friends who would have like to go to a larp about nuns and upon coming up with this idea the creative Cecilia Redner helped me come up with even more ideas.

My thoughts so far are these:

A larp about a convent of nuns who are being evacuated by UN troops to escape an escalating civil conflict after being witnesses to an act of genocide in their own convent.

I’m thinking 12 characters that are nuns and novices, and maybe even lay women connected to the convent. The about as many UN soldies of mixed genders.

I base this on real world events, both where nuns have been convicted of participating in genocide but also on armed conflicts where nuns have been among the people being dehumanized and murdered.

I decided the setting should be in a real world region, but that the country in which the armed conflict escalates and the reason there is an armed conflict will be fictional. The time of the events of the larp will be 1990-ies because it will be a time slightly before cell phones becomes common and the clothes for the UN troops will be easier to get hold of for the participants.

The religion will be real world Christianity, because I find it an important subject to analyze, how Christianity has affected armed conflicts and real world political decisions. But the religious order the nuns belong I will probably make up so as to not misrepresent an existing order and so that I can make some changes if needed to make it into a playable larp.

Sisters of the faith, brothers in arms.
So the larp would consist of two groups, the sisters who live according to their vows to god and their Order, and the soldiers who live according to the military rules and the orders they get. Both groups live accordingly to routines.

The soldiers have orders to evacuate the sisters, but the sisters don’t necessarily want to be evacuated. The larp possibly even starts with one or several of the sisters being forcefully dragged from the vehicle into the safe house where they are to wait for further transport out of the country. The Prioress will get a opportunity to speak on the phone to someone further up in the church, who explains to her that this is indeed the will of the church, that they leave their convent and the people they are connected to.

I would also like to incorporate a black box in this scenario. The Black box is a room to the side, with few props and sometimes the possibility to play with lighting and sounds. In this room the participants could play out possible pasts and futures, possibly what kind of horrible deeds the nuns have been witnesses too. But I would also like them to try to enact their character fantazies, stray thoughts and dreams who are contained by the current situation and their respective duties to monastic or military life.

The themes would be some of my old ones:

  • women centered stories
  • relationships and conflicts
  • ethics versus obedience
  • self sacrifice versus self care
  • doubt
  • insitutions
  • religion
  • all female groups
  • the erasure of the ego
  • being part of something larger than the individual
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