KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again

I’m one of the Swedish larpers who like the Krigshjärta fiction (Heart of war or WarHeart). I went to the first Krigshjärta larp and I was hooked on the game style and the possibility to do so many different things while also being physical and always having a job to do in game.

This is their main site for all info on Krigshjärta (in Swedish):

In may 2018 I went to Krigshjärta 8.1: Four Weddins and a Funeral, a game about the Hessbrännare (Hessians) people in a county in Hessbrand (Hessia).
I played a member of the extended family/clan O’Doyle. That game was organized by  Isabelle Kyed, Jan-Erik Grenlund and Martina Green and centered around family affairs and how the war slowly was making it’s way into Hessbrand.

Now Isabelle Kyed and Julia Fahlman are doing a follow up larp Septmeber 21-23 called “KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again”

You can find the facebook group for the new larp here: KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again

Here is the homepage for the first larp: KH 8.3: Four Weddins and a funeral In there you can read all about the village and the visiting clans. It’s part in English and part in Swedish but in game most players speak English because that in game is the “Hessian dialect”. So if you want to try


I need photo credit, I couldn’t trace this photo. So either Torbjörn Wahlgren, Ellis Bloom or Johan Nylin.

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