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David Bergkvist
Swedish troubador who also is part of the band Gråfötterna. Long time larper who has made music for a lot of Swedish larps.

Mary Read
Mary Read hails from Sweden, and is made up of Lars Nerback (accordion, mountain dulcimer), Teresa Axner (vocals) and Magnus Nygard (sequencers and soundscapes). Their lyrics take inspiration from historical events and oral storytelling, while their music echoes of Nordic traditional music, Americana, neofolk, industrial and dark ambient. Mary Read’s songs have been described as cinematic, moving and catchy.

Creators in larp


Anna-Karin Linder
Works with both analogue and digital narrative design, and writing – both pop cultural nonfiction and fiction. She makes and create pedagogic content for all kind of games, roleplaying games for educational purposes as well as larp scripts and interactive art. Digitally she mainly does narrative design in computer games, but also project management and audio design. She is currently working for Toca Boca

Anneli Friedner

Personal blog about larp and feminism.:


Miroslav Wranka / Terrible Creation 

A Croatian based LARP collective, mostly focused on chamber games
website –


Susan Mutsaer 

Real life games: From larp to escape room. Real life games are the ultimate tool to tell your story. Creative work: From costume to photography. Production leader: Your festival, conference or workshop taken care of from start to finish.

Current larp project:

United Kingdom

Mo Holkar

Larp writer/designer and event runner.

Current larp: On location

Larp Conference: The Smoke

Personal projects:

Charlie Gray

Blog Larp Guide – Resources for live action role play:
photography site with images from Empire, The World went dark, Badlands, Curious pasttimes and more:



Rebecca Roycroft / CozyLarp:

A group of larpers based in Los Angeles, USA, interested in creating original works and running excellent short larps from around the world at our yearly mini convention.

Tara M Clapper

Digital larp designer and runner. Also does live streams and manages social media and editing.

Main page that also has most blog posts and link to larps she’s doing.




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