Nordic larp in the year of Corona

I’m Writing this to keep a record on the open web, outside of social media where it will most probably be drowned out over time.

We will se if I will write more during this time and make more updates.

I have been working at home since wednesday, and started with an excellent distance meeting facilitated by Microsoft Teams. I have also started getting requests from game related Groups if there is anything I can do for them when it comes to practical help. Monday I’m going into the office.
The Swedish larp Convention Prolog ran as planned since when it ran 28 feb-march 1:st there were no restrictions.
Sweden has now put a ban on public gathering with more than 500 participants. And they really are illegal, organizers could even go to jail. We do not yet know how long this ban will last.

So far my plan is to still run my Queer Viking Horror larp Vedergällningen. It’s not running until june and it’s run mostly outside and we can space out participants sleeping quarters. I will keep updated on Health recommendations.

Caroline Sjövall is running her Swedish larp Bellissimo because it is a small game and still is some time off.

The spring run for Baphomet has been cancelled, read the announcement here. I hope there will be more runs in the future.

What hit the Community hardest is that this year there will be no Solmukohta. After Consulting with Health authorithies the organizers had to make the decision to cancel the international Conference even if it had fewer than 500 tickets. Their statement is here. As I have an article named Your Body is Your Body in the book this year I hope at least the book can be distributed in some way.

Charles Nielsen did as emtional support live stream and I participated via voice link. You can Watch that stream afterwards here on his Youtube

College of Wizard
College of Wizardy: Werewar One is cancelled, and was so when almost all participants and staff were on site. Everyone is out of the castle as far as I know by now, and most are home. Read about it here.
College of Wizardry in March has even more difficult news, a participant has been tested positive for the virus Covid -19. This means everyone who Went to the event has to follow the instructions that apply in the country they are in now. Read here.

The traveling larp Convention Portal 8 did run in Zagreb and had a live stream.

Not directly related to Nordic larp, but for anyone who wishes to learn more about making and participating in Digital Larps Tara M Clapper are doing additional online work. Please support Tara as she lives in the US and struggles with the extra challenges of a country where Health care is seen as a luxury. You can Watch one of the streams here at Larp Mentor

My heart goes out to all the organizers having to make the difficult decicion to postpone or cancle their events. It’s both a financial and emotional toll, and I hope the crisis will leave our communities stronger and not weaker. Take care of each other out there.
Please tell me if you know of more larps being cancelled, or if larps are still running in the future.
Tell me if you need resources or have resources that I can link.

Live long and prosper.


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