Nordic Larp in the year of Covid-19 part 2

The link to the Nordiclarpwiki-post:

Today Sweden’s prime minister declared that Children above 16 and adults who are going to high school, college or universities will switch over to home studies and digital distance learning.

A vaccine was tested in the us for the first time yesterday, according to new outlets.

Solmukohta is looking into how to run parts of the programme online.

Convention of Thorns, which is planner for November in Polen is still on.

I’m still working like Vedergällning will run as planned in June so we sent out the call for volunteers.
We have however looked at alternative dates when the venue is available if we have to postpone the larp.

We are living history, and I wish I could do something for all of You out there who are suffering from the anxiety of the unknown.

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