Nordic Larp in the year of Covid -19 part 3

Atropos announced Another Androids larp yesterday.

The end of all things.


Runs will be played on the 7th, 9th, 11th and 12th of July. Each date is its own run.

The End of all things
In the corner between Market Street and 4th, there had always been a noodle bar. It had survived a dozen different owners and had gone through three different nations, only to experience the dissolution of the nation states altogether. 

There, people meet who are at the end of things.

Sign up isn’t open yet because they are observing the situation with the virus.

Mia Welander relased the online larp “Are you there”

“Are you there?” is an improvised, collaborative, online, multi-media-platform larp/roleplay aimed to provide distraction and entertainment during the current pandemic happening in the real world. Anyone is free to join in, and there is no sign up needed. You can participate in English, or in a language of your choice so long as there are other players able to communicate in that specific language. All the information will be in English though.

This is a story about the psychological and social effects of being isolated, as a sort of meta-story to our current reality. Both to keep us busy and less lonely, to get frustrations out, and to get some perspective on how not-apocalyptic our real life (thank heavens) still is.

Facebook group:

Link to the document with all the information about the larp:

Link to the character gallery:

Eva Meunier released the notes from the 2019 Knutpunkt program item about “Older larpers”. You can read the notes here: Older larpers

What is an older larper? Are you an older larper? Or have you ever met one at a larp?
At Knudepunkt 2019, Mo Holkar, Susanne Gräslund and I facilitated a discussion on the topic “older larpers”.
Do older larpers have specific challenges, advantages, wishes, needs or experiences? We put together the notes from the discussions and would like to share the result with you, and of course, invite you to share your thoughts on this topic.

I myself saw a recommendation of the survivalist series Naked and Afraid and found it on Youtube. It’s about two strangers in every episode trying to survive the wilderness for 21 days, but starting naked and only one survivalist item each.
I find it helps, especially for me who am interested in physically challenging larps and nakedness. And like in a larp they can tap out at any time, even thought it might take a while to be evacuated. As the person who recommended it said “we have food, and shelter”.

Season 1 episode 3 – island from hell

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