Sleeping outside in march and taking a long walk

I’ve been sleeping outside a lot since this pandemic summer. It’s always been one of my favorite parts of going to fantasy larps and yet it took me several months to realize I could do it outside of larp. I don’t need a larp to grab my gear and find a spot in the woods to sleep.
I have some different set ups, one is a cheap domed tent for two people, so that I can have all my gear inside. One is a Hennessy Hammock that I got for my 40:th birthday, which I just got a DD under blanket for. The under blanket is to prevent wind from removing warm air from underside your body, because the hammock compresses the sleeping bag materials beneath you. I also have inflatable sleeping mats, one for summer and one for winter and a sleeping bag cover I can just put over my sleeping bag if I just want to be on the ground or extra protection when I sleep under a tarp.

When I sleep outside I need to take precautions so I don’t get cold, since I usually have a very low body temperature unless I’m in a period where I work out a lot. If I work out a lot my metabolism rises and I become warmer and staying warm is less of a problem.

My setup this night was the hammock, my sleeping bag and the under blanket. I also use a reflective window shield, the kind you get for your car, inside the hammock to reflect my body heat back to me. I slept in an older merino wool set, from wool power, which was also a birthday gift many years ago. I also wore fresh wool socks (always change when going to bed) and my Swedish army woolen cardigan. I slept very well, waking up to our rooster crowing and stretching realized I did not have a tense muscle in my whole body. Lovely.

I have taken to daydreamingly browse online stores who sell outdoorsy stuff. I look at the DD gear sling that you have under the hammock, longer tree straps, other kinds of tarps that can work with the hammock. I also quite often look at the wind shield that would complete my Swedish soldier kitchen, despite already owning several different kitchen systems! You can see it here.

In the afternoon I followed a local marked trail to see where it would take me, and found to my delight it does not end where the official so called “Green Map” says it does but took the past several small lakes, joined up with an official trekking trail and then I could head back via an alternative way home. It started raining as I walked, and my home knit hat didn’t quite keep the wind and rain out but it was a good walk none the less.

A hennessy hammock is pitchen between two trees. It has a rainfly covering it. Under rests a DD banket made from a material that reminds of a sleeping bag. Everything is green.
Hennessy Hammock with DD under blanket.
Lake in the rain. Surface of the lake mirrors the sky above. The lake has yellow islands made of reeds in it. Firs and birch are visible.
Local lake. Thinking of maybe sleeping here.
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