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I’ve been poking around with pods and podcasts, even though I myself learn better by reading about phenomenons or to learn by doing something. But I want to share some Podcasts with you,

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Wonderkarin wearing a baseball cap and bose headphones. She has brown hair and looks into the camera.
I am listening.


“A podcast by Avalon larp studio where we talk to designers and theorists about larp.”

The hosts are Martine Svanevik and Simon Brind. I have just started listening to the first episode where they talk to Jonaya Kemper


Link to listen to the podcast on Spotify

Larping out Loud

Larping Out Loud er en rollespilspodcast på dansk af Katrine Wind og Kathrine Abel. Fokus er især på liverollespil, freeform scenarier (Fastaval-format) og til dels blackbox.
Alle afsnit gennemgår forskellige emner i kategorierne spil og design – især inden for LARP. Ofte inviteres et spændende menneske i studiet til en samtale om erfaringer, anekdoter og hvad der foregår i rollespilsmiljøet. Dette første afsnit indeholder en præsentation af podcasten og værterne.

So this is in Danish, but if you understand Danish, Norwegian or Swedish you can get through it with the two latter languages. I listened to the episode that mentions Vedergällningen.

On Itunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/larping-out-loud/id1458889714

On Spotify:


There is also the swedish larp podcast Lajpodden by Samuel Ponten and Mojje Mårtensson. I only heard bits and pieces here and there and it’s in Swedish.


It doesn’t seem to be available on Spotify.

And here is my podcast place:

Do you have any other tips for me when it comes to podcast about that larp that is in or close to the Nordic Larp sphere? Please don’t be shy to plug your own materials.

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