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“Social bid”-method of playing oppression in larp

Several years ago I read this article on what factors seems to influence a happy marriage or partnership: Masters of Love by Emily Esfahani Smith The article introduced me to the koncept of social bids as a part of human interaction. … Continue reading

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Larp Safety Adaption

How different larp cultures interact with and interpret larp safety also influences the way the academics, influencers and international designer think and write about larp safety. Continue reading

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The sign up for Vedergällningen is open

The story: In a pre-christian Sweden a set of women and other non-men with spiritual connections to the Völvic magical traditions are visited by a crew of traumatized returning vikings and before the evening is over, the Völvas fall victims … Continue reading

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Links to musicians, larps and creators!

Musicians David Bergkvist Swedish troubador who also is part of the band Gråfötterna. Long time larper who has made music for a lot of Swedish larps. Mary Read Mary Read hails from Sweden, and is made up of Lars Nerback … Continue reading

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KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again

I’m one of the Swedish larpers who like the Krigshjärta fiction (Heart of war or WarHeart). I went to the first Krigshjärta larp and I was hooked on the game style and the possibility to do so many different things … Continue reading

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Physicaility of larp manifesto

In which I argue that without physicality a role playing event is not a larp. Background to the manifesto: I have come across larpers who design games and then call them larps, because this is the gaming culture they grew … Continue reading

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Working while inspired: Nuns

Wonderkarin draws up the principle of a larp about nuns caught in a armed conflict and evacuated by UN troops. Sisters in faith, brothers in arms. Continue reading

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