Links to musicians, larps and creators!


David Bergkvist
Swedish troubador who also is part of the band Gråfötterna. Long time larper who has made music for a lot of Swedish larps.

Mary Read
Mary Read hails from Sweden, and is made up of Lars Nerback (accordion, mountain dulcimer), Teresa Axner (vocals) and Magnus Nygard (sequencers and soundscapes). Their lyrics take inspiration from historical events and oral storytelling, while their music echoes of Nordic traditional music, Americana, neofolk, industrial and dark ambient. Mary Read’s songs have been described as cinematic, moving and catchy.

Creators in larp


Anna-Karin Linder
Works with both analogue and digital narrative design, and writing – both pop cultural nonfiction and fiction. She makes and create pedagogic content for all kind of games, roleplaying games for educational purposes as well as larp scripts and interactive art. Digitally she mainly does narrative design in computer games, but also project management and audio design. She is currently working for Toca Boca

Anneli Friedner

Personal blog about larp and feminism.:


Miroslav Wranka / Terrible Creation 

A Croatian based LARP collective, mostly focused on chamber games
website –


Susan Mutsaer 

Real life games: From larp to escape room. Real life games are the ultimate tool to tell your story. Creative work: From costume to photography. Production leader: Your festival, conference or workshop taken care of from start to finish.

Current larp project:

United Kingdom

Mo Holkar

Larp writer/designer and event runner.

Current larp: On location

Larp Conference: The Smoke

Personal projects:

Charlie Gray

Blog Larp Guide – Resources for live action role play:
photography site with images from Empire, The World went dark, Badlands, Curious pasttimes and more:



Rebecca Roycroft / CozyLarp:

A group of larpers based in Los Angeles, USA, interested in creating original works and running excellent short larps from around the world at our yearly mini convention.

Tara M Clapper

Digital larp designer and runner. Also does live streams and manages social media and editing.

Main page that also has most blog posts and link to larps she’s doing.




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KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again

I’m one of the Swedish larpers who like the Krigshjärta fiction (Heart of war or WarHeart). I went to the first Krigshjärta larp and I was hooked on the game style and the possibility to do so many different things while also being physical and always having a job to do in game.

This is their main site for all info on Krigshjärta (in Swedish):

In may 2018 I went to Krigshjärta 8.1: Four Weddins and a Funeral, a game about the Hessbrännare (Hessians) people in a county in Hessbrand (Hessia).
I played a member of the extended family/clan O’Doyle. That game was organized by  Isabelle Kyed, Jan-Erik Grenlund and Martina Green and centered around family affairs and how the war slowly was making it’s way into Hessbrand.

Now Isabelle Kyed and Julia Fahlman are doing a follow up larp Septmeber 21-23 called “KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again”

You can find the facebook group for the new larp here: KH8.3 Four Weddins! – Here We Go Again

Here is the homepage for the first larp: KH 8.3: Four Weddins and a funeral In there you can read all about the village and the visiting clans. It’s part in English and part in Swedish but in game most players speak English because that in game is the “Hessian dialect”. So if you want to try


I need photo credit, I couldn’t trace this photo. So either Torbjörn Wahlgren, Ellis Bloom or Johan Nylin.

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Physicaility of larp manifesto

In which I argue that without physicality a role playing event is not a larp.

Background to the manifesto: I have come across larpers who design games and then call them larps, because this is the gaming culture they grew up in and learned their trade. Calling it a larp they might get acknowledgement from their peers and also makes it easier to make other larpers try their game. I find this lacks a connection with gaming and role playing history as we rename and rebrand other games or forms of role play as larp. We don’t need to call a game or a role playing event a larp to make it valid. Other forms of role play is valid and entertaining and can tell a variety of stories. But they are not larps and don’t need to be larps.

Intro to the manifesto: Not all good things are larps, larps are not inherently good things. People can larp their way through things that are not larps, or even role playing games. A Role playing experience does not need to be a larp to be valid. Not every role playing experience a larper creates is a larp.

Larp will not save the world.

The Manifesto

A larp is an live action role play event that uses physicality as a way to tell a story and/or give the participants a physical experience. Physical experiences can teach on multiple levels, beyond the cerebral stimulation of an intellectual exercise.

Just as cooking a meal for the first time teaches us things about the recipe using more channels than reading the recipe or talking to a chef or a friend about cooking the meal.

To larp something is to use physicality and role play as a way to enact something.

A larp does not have to involve more than one person, but it needs to involve at least one person, who uses physicality to explore and experience.

“Internal play” might happen at larps, but is not an essential part of larping. Internal play lacks the physicality I argue is an essential part of larping. Without external expression of internal play there is no physicality.

What is physicality?

Physicality is experiencing things first and foremost with your body and senses and not only with your mind. Physical interaction between human beings also takes more than mere communicating information through speech or written information.

The physicality of a larp will not be and on/off switch but a sliding scale. I am arguing a larp needs have enough physicality for it to even be a larp, but I am not saying it needs to have everything listed below.

I will now give examples of physicality.

Physicality of the senses, sensuality.

Looking at many different things and people, not merely pictures or representations of these things or people. Perceiving them with your eyes.
Touching objects and people, perceiving them with touch. Being touched by objects and people, perceiving them as pressure, heat, cold, movement, vibration, texture, pain.
Tasting things and people, perceiving them with taste buds.
Hearing sounds made by objects or by other people or animals, perceiving them with your ears. Acceleration and falling might also fall into this category due to the workings of the inner ear.

Physicality of physical expression:

Relating information about in game events and facts through speech that is formed by what kind of character you are playing. Speaking as your character and not as yourself. Using a body language designed for the character that is not your own.

Physicality of bodily functions:

Eating in game food fitting the setting and the character you play when your character is hungry or choosing to stay hungry because it connects you more with your character. Eating food that fits the larp event. If the participants cook their own food it can be an exercise in physicality to cook the food using fitting methods and utensils.

Going to your characters in game bed when they are tired or postponing going to bed due to the characters having duties. Bathing and showering as your character in a bathroom that is in game or choosing to stay dirty because this is what the character would do.

Physicality of the expression of emotions.
Crying with fluid leaving the eye. Laughing audibly. Showing emotions with your face, relating feelings your character is having or is trying to make other character believe they are having. Showing that your character is experiencing a stomach ache or shaking hands of excitement or anxiety. Having cold sweats or simulating these with other liquids. Being drunk or simulating drunkedness.

Physicality of the body.

Either playing your body type or using physical representations that other players are is sensually able to experience. Such as using pads or prosthetics or a binder to change the gender expression, perceived weight or mimicking a pregnancy of a certain stage. Also simulating a menstrual cycle or tending to a real menstrual cycle using “in game methods” could fall under this.

Physicality of intimacy: Playing on attraction and desire for a character that fit your character sexuality, their sexdrive and their social standing. Seeking physical closeness with the person they desire and striving to enact (out of game consensual) intimate acts using the systems in place for doing so (these might however be void of physicality).

What is not the physicality of larp?

Any meta technique that removes the physical element of an interaction. (this can still be a part of the larp but not the physicality of it) such as resolving conflict through rolling dice or exchanging battle values or playing out intimacy between characters using a non touch technique.

Eating food that is not a part of the larp event, such as power bars at a dark ages fantasy larp.

Finding your out of game partner and being intimate with them when your characters are not intimate.

The grey areas of physicality.

Being dressed as your character if the clothes are something you would normally wear.

Being dressed as your character in clothes so comfortable you forget about wearing them.

Saying things your character would say, but without emoting them differently than you yourself would.

Any visible disability that you might have that you choose to not incorporate into the character. It will affect your own experience of the physicality of a larp while others will attempt to see it as an out of game circumstance.


Larping outside of larp

To larp something is to use the physicality of the body in a physical space and use role play as a way to enact something as someone other than yourself. You can larp your way through menial tasks of your everyday life, imagining you are a maid in another age and adopting the physical characteristics of the character.

You can also larp your way through some board games, although parts will still be representative and not larped.

Non larp role playing events might contain parts that are “larping” without that making the whole event into a larp.Larping can be an ingredient that does not turn the whole event into a larp.

There is also the larping happening outside of larps that is done at so called pervasive games. A larp can also have a possibility for the larpers to leave the larp event and go out into a non larping area for some pervasive gaming. This happens at city based larps such as Vampire where a venue might be fully in game but you can take your character out on the town and play with a smaller group of larpers.

Also there is Alternate Reality Gaming in which might fall under this or under the next title.

Being at a larp without larping

I argue that if a person is merely looking at other people larping, even while dressed in character clothing (clothes donned for the event that are not a part of your everyday clothing) then they are not larping. This is because this lacks the element of role playing. Internal play does not count, as it is merely Shrödingers larper.

At games where certain bodily needs are cared for out of game, I argue that a person seeing to that need, is at a larp but is not currently larping, because of the agreement that such bodily needs are managed out of game.

At Alternative Reality Games, you are usually not donning a character, and is not role playing and I would say not larping. But you might commit to doing physical actions that you would not do outside of the missions of the ARG , making the game have the element of physicality, if not role play.

Larping is something that some participants do during the whole larp event and that some participants start and stop, even if they are not removing themselves to an out of game area. I think this is the reason why some people have a need for out of game spaces while others find them less needful even if they might be practical for other reasons.

A brain in a jar has no physicality in its experiences.
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Working while inspired: Nuns

I recently participated in a Facebook thread where one should describe ones dream larp using a gif. I choose a gif of a nun wielding a automatic rifle.
I also know I have several friends who would have like to go to a larp about nuns and upon coming up with this idea the creative Cecilia Redner helped me come up with even more ideas.

My thoughts so far are these:

A larp about a convent of nuns who are being evacuated by UN troops to escape an escalating civil conflict after being witnesses to an act of genocide in their own convent.

I’m thinking 12 characters that are nuns and novices, and maybe even lay women connected to the convent. The about as many UN soldies of mixed genders.

I base this on real world events, both where nuns have been convicted of participating in genocide but also on armed conflicts where nuns have been among the people being dehumanized and murdered.

I decided the setting should be in a real world region, but that the country in which the armed conflict escalates and the reason there is an armed conflict will be fictional. The time of the events of the larp will be 1990-ies because it will be a time slightly before cell phones becomes common and the clothes for the UN troops will be easier to get hold of for the participants.

The religion will be real world Christianity, because I find it an important subject to analyze, how Christianity has affected armed conflicts and real world political decisions. But the religious order the nuns belong I will probably make up so as to not misrepresent an existing order and so that I can make some changes if needed to make it into a playable larp.

Sisters of the faith, brothers in arms.
So the larp would consist of two groups, the sisters who live according to their vows to god and their Order, and the soldiers who live according to the military rules and the orders they get. Both groups live accordingly to routines.

The soldiers have orders to evacuate the sisters, but the sisters don’t necessarily want to be evacuated. The larp possibly even starts with one or several of the sisters being forcefully dragged from the vehicle into the safe house where they are to wait for further transport out of the country. The Prioress will get a opportunity to speak on the phone to someone further up in the church, who explains to her that this is indeed the will of the church, that they leave their convent and the people they are connected to.

I would also like to incorporate a black box in this scenario. The Black box is a room to the side, with few props and sometimes the possibility to play with lighting and sounds. In this room the participants could play out possible pasts and futures, possibly what kind of horrible deeds the nuns have been witnesses too. But I would also like them to try to enact their character fantazies, stray thoughts and dreams who are contained by the current situation and their respective duties to monastic or military life.

The themes would be some of my old ones:

  • women centered stories
  • relationships and conflicts
  • ethics versus obedience
  • self sacrifice versus self care
  • doubt
  • insitutions
  • religion
  • all female groups
  • the erasure of the ego
  • being part of something larger than the individual
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The Second Run of Witches of Ästad farm is done

Linda & Karin wish to thank our partners Mattias and Jonny for standing by us and encourage us to organize this larp for the second time.

We wish to thank all the participants, even those that had life come in the way for their actually participating at the larp this year around. We are honored that you put this amount of trust in us and the gusto you took on the larp and played it to the fullest.

What I, Karin have learnt in this iteration was that other larps can have an effect on what the participant think I as an organizer expect of the players. So I want to tell you that I’m going to bring with me that you have to tell the participants that it’s ok to have påslakan (duvet covers).
Also we have to come up with a way to have all the witches start the game with a “fettering rune” on their left arm, even if it means making a stamp by which to stamp all the witch players during the workshop day.

Some of the players are already writing their epilogues which gives me a good feeling.

I have started a pre-sign up to gage interest in a third run.
That can be filled in here.

Administrator Ingild Henriksson 2017 run

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We open the farm today

We will have almost no phone coverage at Ästad 4H Farm but the phone number is 0340-460 10. Organizers will be there from 14:00 today thursday.

There is excellent WiFi there and you will get the pass-word when you arrive.

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Order 79 på svenska

Insåg att vi för stunden inte har den exakta ordalydelsen på “Order 79” den undantagsorder som internerade alla Sveriges Registrerade Häxor i fiktionen. Den är baserad på den högst verkliga Order 79 som internerade japaner och ättlingar i USA efter Pearl Harbour.

/Karin Edman – huvudarrangör

Försvarsstabens avdelning för särskilda insatser

3 September 1939

Påbud för alla häxor som uppehåller sig inom Konungariket Sveriges gränser

I enlighet med bestämmelserna i Undantagsorder 79, daterad 3 september 1939 kommer alla häxor, oavsett medborgarskap, att omlokaliseras senast kl 12.00, 14 september 1939.

Ingen häxa kommer att tillåtas färdas in i, eller ut ur, riket efter kl 12.00, 14 september 1939, utan att ha inhämtat särskilt tillstånd från Försvarsstabens avdelning för särskilda insatsers representant på Försvarstabens kontor i Stockholm.

Rosenbad 4
10333 Stockholm

Sådant tillstånd kommer endast att medges i yttersta nödfall. De lokala kommunkontoren i samarbete med Försvarsstabens avdelning för särskilda insatsers kommer att bistå alla häxor på följande vis;

1. Ge råd och instruktioner gällande omlokaliseringen.

2. Tillhandahålla tjänster avseende skötsel, uthyrning, försäljning, förvaring och annan hantering av de flesta sorters egendom såsom fastigheter, affärs- och yrkesutrustning, hushållsvaror, båtar, bilar och boskap.

3. Bistå kring juridiska och administrativa spörsmål gällande överlåtelsen av omvårdnadsansvar för minderåriga barn.

4. Transportera personer, och en begränsad mängd kläder och tillhörigheter, till deras nya inkvarteringar.

Följande instruktioner måste följas.

1. Varje häxa skall anmäla sig på närmaste Kommunkontor för att erhålla vidare instruktioner. Detta skall göras mellan 8.00 och 17.00 den 10-14 september 1939.

2. De evakuerade måste medtaga följande utrustning vid avresa till Uppsamlingscentralen:
a. Täcken, kuddar och sängkläder (ej madrasser).
b. Toalettartiklar.
c. Extra kläder.
d. Nödvändiga personliga tillhörigheter.

Alla föremål så medtagna skall vara säkert nedpackade och tydligt märkta med ägarens namn och numrerade i enlighet med de instruktioner som erhålls på Kommunkontoret. Storlek och antal paket avgörs utifrån vad personen i fråga själv kan bära.

3. Mödrar som ammar kan medtaga sina spädbarn till Uppsamlingscentralen. De skall då också tillse att packa utrustning enligt ovan även för barnens behov.

4. Minderåriga barn som ej ammas och ej kan överlämnas till annan familjemedlem under tiden evakueringen varar kommer via sociala myndigheter att omplaceras i lämplig fosteromsorg.

5. Inga husdjur kommer att tillåtas.

6. Inga personliga ägodelar eller hushållsvaror kommer att transporteras separat till Uppsamlingscentralen.

7. Konungariket Sverige kommer via här för utsedda myndigheter att tillhandahålla lagringsmöjligheter, på ägarens ansvar, för större hushållsvaror såsom frysboxar, tvättmaskiner, piano och andra tyngre möbler. Matlagningsutensiler och andra mindre föremål kan mottagas för förvaring i de fall de är säkert packade i lårar och tydligt märkta med ägarens namn och adress.

8. Var och en kommer att tillhandahållas transport till Uppsamlingscentralen. Privata transportmedel kommer ej att användas. Alla instruktioner gällande denna omlokalisering kommer att erhållas på det lokala kommunkontoret.

Kontakta ert Kommunkontor mellan 8.00 och 17.00 alla dagar fram tills den 14 September eller Försvarsstabens avdelning för särskilda insatsers för att erhålla ytterligare instruktioner.

På uppdrag av
Svenska Regeringen
Tage Erlander

Se Undantagsorder 79.

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The larp is moving nearer

We finally regained access to the webpage so now we can edit our hearts out!

The reserve is still open

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Sign up for the reserve is open

Här kommer anmälningsformuläret igen, denna gången gäller det dig som missade att anmäla dig i tid men som är intresserad av att stå med på vår reservlista. Vi kommer då kontakta dig vid eventuella avhopp

Here is the Sign up form again! The Sign up is now open for those who missed sign up and want to sign up as a reserve. This way we can contact you when we have drop outs.

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anmälan har öppnat / Sign up is now open

Här kommer nu anmälningsformuläret. Kom ihåg att du har större chans att komma med på lajvet om du anmäler dig första veckan. Anmälan är öppen i två veckor.

Here is the Sign up form! The Sign up is open for two weeks but you have a higher chance of getting a spot if you sign up in the first week

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