Parable of Trust

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What is Parable of trust?

“Please will you come downstairs with me? I’m afraid.”

A Larp by Karin Edman
Project in planning – Sweden

The second larp based on Karin Edmans dreams, the first being Witches of Ästad Farm.
This game will about facing the terrifying unknown, isolated in the woods, with only strangers to turn to.

There will be indoor sleeping, electricity and modern toilets.

As a participant for A Parable of Trust you will sign up to participate in one of three groups, for now called “Adventurous”, “Criminal” and “Paranormal”, but you will write your own character. The larp will have about 30-32 spots, mainly for Nordic participants.

All three groups will in game made up by strangers, people who might know of each other but not know each other. Members of all groups will take part in a wilderness camp with Adventurous at an medium advanced level, Criminal at a medium level and Paranormal at a beginners level.

In game the adventurous group will be made up of strangers going on a retreat to meet new friends. They will bond during the day with doing advanced activities and then meet the other two groups at the camp site. Their ordinary life gives them a wide array of skills.

The criminal group will be people with a criminal background who have been invited, and recommended, to participate in a possibility to network and possibly find new people to “collaborate” with in the future. This is mainly the group who will be proficient in solving problems with violence and firearms.

The paranormal group are people who only know each other online and have decided to have a meet up in a highly haunted area that has had a few ufo sightings. They are seen as crack pots, as nut jobs. Weird and eccentric these are the people who are open to all possibilities. And this openness might very well be a very needed resource.

Because as darkness falls over the wilderness hostel, strange things are afoot and phenomenon that should not be start to stress everyone out.

A larp where it’s not the external threat that is going to harm you but how you and other characters react to stress. And remember:

Everyone is weak.

I’m Interested, sign me up.

/Karin Edman

Thanks to Kjell Hedgard Hugaas and Agnes Hultén