You will write your own character based in one of three groups. The groups will be between 8-16 people, depending on how many sign up in each group.


You are a lonely person for some reason and you signed up for a wilderness class geared towards singles and people looking to find new friends. You will be doing some kind of physical activity during the day and then stay together at the game site in a simple cottage. This is also the group for the most trusting characters.

A vocation and the skills that come with it can be relevant, but so wjll your characters mundane personality.


You don’t know each other but you know of each other. You all have some kind of criminal background and have gained access to this meeting by being recommended by someone else for your skills and reliablity. This meeting is for networking in person, but you are all a bit paranoid. This site was chosen because it has no phone or internet, and everyone is in the clear that there is to be no photos, filming or audio recordings. You will be doing simple physical activity and then stay together in a simple cottage.

A criminal background and the skills and psychology that comes with it will be relevant, and how they relate to using violence.


You know each other, but only online and under aliases. You are all members of the same online Community for conspirator theorist, ghost hunters and UFO experts. Someone asked if anyone was up for an outing to a lake that has had a lot of UFO sightings and you mostly came to be social with others. This is the least trusting group, but if anything supernatural happens you want to document it. No one in this group has to do a physically demanding activity, although you can chose to partake in some outdoors activities.

Theories and and an open mind towards things unseen and unproven can be relevant. Also the way your character relates to physical danger.

“Everyone is weak”