Game Phases

Pre Game Phase

Arriving, greetings from organizer, getting to know each other. Unpacking the cars and driving them to the parking lot. In game you will have walked up to the site but bring what you need to be comfortable. Self care comes before authenticity.

Adventure phase

During the this phase the Adventurous group will go on a physically demanding wilderness adventure in and out of game. The strangers will get to know each other to some extent and might start to form friendship bonds and maybe even romantic interests. Participants might get wet and at least sweaty and it might be good to bring a change o clothes. Their nature guide will be encouraging and make sure they have a good time no matter the character gender. Meals will be eaten in nature.
The Criminal group will go on a intermediate nature experience and maybe try and test each other out to find out who has the right stuff. This might very well delve deep into become macho posturing. It is possible their nature guide will simply be intimidated. Bring snacks, but maybe lunch will be eaten at the camp.
Meanwhile the members of the paranormal group will do activities close to the cottages, outdoors but simple and accessible. Maybe they will learn new skills. Meals and snacks will be eaten at the camp.

Gathering phase

Now the groups all meet up at the camp. Everyone makes and eats their evening meal and your character starts to interact with members of the other groups. There might be disagreements. There might be unlikely attractions. Darkness falls.

Phenomenon phase

And inexplicable things start to happen that you will all have to relate to. Strange lights and sounds. An eerie feeling. The acute realization that you are all alone out here, cut off from the rest of the world. And that everyone else is just a stranger you have known for less than 24 hours. The phenomenon will not be explained. Your character will not solve a mystery. They will just have to survive mentally and physically.