Organizer Bio

Organizer: Karin Edman

I mainly organize larps based on sudden inspiration refocused into practicalities. As a creator I am focused on relationships, lesbianism and witches and other paranormal phenomenon. I’m a feminist with an interest in class, environment issues, ethnicity and dis/ability. My perspective is Swedish and I am based in Gothenburg.

Previously organized larps: Witches of Ästad Farm (2017). Witches of Ästad Farm (2016). Återspeglingar: Dimmor över Ethavattnet (2004). Återspeglingar II – Grusgudars land (2005)
Volunteered at larps: Tales from the sprawl (2017) Kitchen. Hinterland (2015) Driver, Safety Host. Landsväg (2013) Driver, casting, workshop leader and pacing. I’m also published in the nano game anthology #Feminism