Feral: a soft larp

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What is it the comforting blanket in bed was protecting us from when we were little? How come a piece of textile could calm us down so much?

When we were children we hid away from whatever nightmare was hiding in the darkness of our bedrooms, and fought the uncertainty of night with a low and dim night light. Blanket forts can be seen as cocoons, as padded cells, as

We might have had friends over for sleepover and built an all compassing blanket fort to trade our secrets with each others, away from the world.

Imagine you could go back into that low light softness and be close to others.

Feral – a soft larp is supposed to tell a absurdist story that takes place inside a perpetually soft tunnel system inhabited by a colony of people who for some reason cannot leave this place and fears what is lurking in the darkness outside. The scenography is meant to be mainly textile based, low light levels. It will be indoors with pleasant to hot temperatures. According to the norms of the colony interactions between characters are to be kept to a low softly spoken voice and conflict to be resolved without any loud sounds. Happy or relaxing music is allowed.

* characters speak in soft to whispering voices
* Character clothing is to be soft and similar pajama or lounge clothing.
* the scenography is maze like and built out of sheets, blankets, comforters, pillow etc.
* The lights are mainly led-based as to not create heat that can be a fire hazard.
* In this world people live in close quarters and companionship. Someone can always offer a hug or a back rub. People braid each other’s hair and read out loud to each other.
* Different music is played in different parts of the blanket fort to set different moods.


* there is something on the outside. Something that can reach in and snatch you if you are not soft spoken. If you are not kind. If you lie. If you are selfish. And when it returns you. You are changed.



There will be modern toilets and possibility to shower at the venue. In the game area lights are low and it’s possibly quite warm. Physically the most time is spent crawling on all fours, sitting and lying down on soft surfaces.

What; A larp in planning based on the concept of blanket forts.
Where: Gothenburg, Sweden
When: Not decided yet
Price: Low

Inspired by: Forbidden planet. ASMR-videos. The blanket fort in the television Community and in the movie Sixth Sense. The online comic “A softer world”.