Witches of Ästad Farm

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For their own good, for the good of us all.

The first larp based on a dream that Karin Edman had.
Run for the first time in November 2016 and rerun in October 2017 by Linda Rosengren and Karin Edman. They hope to run it in 2018 for a third time if there is enough interest.

In 1941 about 25 witches have been interred at the former children’s colony of Ästad Farm, situated outside Varberg since the fall of 1939. The Farm was their home for the duration of the war. This is the story of these interned witches and the staff that tends to them.

When: October or November 2018
Where: Ästad 4H Farm outside Varberg, Sweden
Price: ca 120 Euro / 1200 SEK

When the Great War ended, there was an agreement signed in Hauge, saying no nation-state would employ witches as weapons of war. The memory of the deeds comitted by the Coven dubbed The Terrible Seven and what they had done in the war, fueled by the powers of the occult still burned bright. All nation-states who signed would take responsibility for any witches who were within their borders…

Sweden chose to round up all witches found to be residing in Sweden at the start of the war and put them in internment camps until the end of the war. This happened between the 3rd and 14th of September 1939.

It’s 1941 and due to a change in public opinion, there has been pressure to “Bring our Witches home” in Great Britain. This includes witches held in Swedish internment camps who are British or have British parents. Soon after our game starts, a couple of British diplomats arrive to find out if any such witches reside within the camp at Ästad Farm.

What is the larp about?

  • Interment for no crime other than what you were born as.
  • How human rights are compromised in times of war or crisis.
  • Obedience to unreasonable demands.
  • Queer relationships
  • Bullying and harassment.
  • Finding comfort in a time of crisis. Playing cards, singing songs, doing needlework in cramped spaces in the evenings.
  • Forced labour. But also being bored.
  • Medical experiments.
  • Eugenics.
  • Magic and religion.

You can play either a witch, a guard, a member of camp administration, a member of camp hospital staff, or a Healer. Also a few roles are available as British diplomats who have come to bring their witches home. All player roles can get mail, even the interred witches.