Past and present

Why the witches have been interred

Witches were part of the war effort in the Great War. But many of the ways they were used as weapons were later labled war crimes. Especially fire attack where multiple witches were linked and walked through heavily populated areas setting fires to the areas where civilians lived.After the Great war ended there was an agreement signed, saying no national state would employ witches as weapons of war. The memory of the terrible deeds done, fueled by the occult, during the last great war was a strong deterrent.

After World War I Sweden and most other nations signed a document to “Take responsibility for their witches in case of war”. In Sweden this “responsibility” was seen as very serious and the same day that the Swedish government accepted that world war II was upon Europe they also sent out order 79 to inter all witches who were within swedish borders at the time.

It’s 1941, and due to a change in public opinion there has been pressure to “Bring our Witches home” in Great Britain. This includes witches in swedish internment camps who they themselves are British or have British parents. Soon after our game starts, a couple of British diplomats arrive to find out if any such witches reside within the camp.


12th century Medieval laws are made against witchery, but they only pertain to witchery to harm others.

17:th century Witch trials

1880 – The last remnant of the witches inquisition in the Swedish State church are closed. The Swedish State Church then reveals to the Government that they have extensive archives of witches who have been investigated through the years. These archives are made top secret by the government and then repurposed as a register of the True Name of witches who register. In exchange the Government gives registerd witches new names and protects their True Names. If needed the administration can also issue a witch who under threath new completely personal identities.

1906 – Svenska Kyrkans officiella ursäkt till häxsläktet och deras barn som under århundraden drabbats av förföljelse.

1912 The last priests in the swedish state church that are opposed to witches are asked to either resign or change their stance.

  • 28 juli 1914 – 11 november 1918
    First world war. Witches and healers are at first only used as medical units. But then something changes and several of the warring factions bring in witches as weapons.

During the spring offensives of 1918, witches were guilty of some horrific war crimes, the most iconic was a series of linked witches burning whole villages to the ground while themselves walking unharmed by the flames through the wreckage.

  • 1920 Hague Convention about the use of witchcraft at war. Most national states sign the convention, thereby pledging that they would:
    • Ban all research on witches, healers and witchraft that could be weaponized.
    • Ban witches from armed military positions.

    in the event of war:

    • Never use weaponized witchcraft.
    • Take responsibility for witches within their borders.
    • Take measures to prevent undiscovered witches from becoming soldiers and discovering hidden witches within the armed forces.

3 sept 1939 The Swedish Government go public with the war. The same day Försvarstabens avdelning för särskilda insatser make it clear that Order 79 will be executed.

On the morning of 4 sept 1939 all known witches are informed that they will be interned/evacuated before the end on september 15 according to order 79. The future Commendante Britt Marie Larsson and her Administator/secretary Ingild Henriksson as well as Corporal Linnea Arneflo, Lance-Corporal Märsta Johansson, Private Christian Frostvang, Private Gunnar Eriksson recieve their orders. Two Healers, Margareta and Ann-Britt get orders.

13 september Commendante Britt Marie Larsson and her Administrator Ingild Henriksson as well as Corporal Linnea Arneflo, Lance-Corporal Märsta Johansson, Private Christian Frostvang, Private Gunnar Eriksson arrive, with them is also Private Samuel Bjärn and three other privates. The Healers Margareta and Ann-Britt do the ritual that will seal the witches in once they arrive.

14 sept 1939 Noon: last voluntary date and time to report in.

14-15-16 September: 6400, among them about 640 men witches are processed through the city of Västeras. They are then interned in about 250 Farms, bed and breakfasts, Inns, Children Colonies, old TB hospitals, old school houses, vicars houses and other locations made available to the state through rental agreements.

17 September: Most of the witches at Ästad Farm arrive and try to get to know each other and the staff.

November: Amelie Carlsson becomes pregnant but hides the pregnancy at first.



20 February: It is quite obvious now that the witch Amelie Carlsson is pregnant. Private Samuel Bjärn is discovered to be the father and is immediately removed from the farm on the Kommendantes orders. 

22 February – 8 march: Hunger strike in protest. It goes on for two weeks and the Healers and the medical team combine their efforts. Viola Carlsdotter falls ill.

April: A seriously sick patient has to rely on only the Healers Ann-Britt and Margareta when the medical team is not at the farm. They are successful and grow closer.

24 December:  The Witch Alice Melbin has been captured in a Swedish city and after being processed in Vasteras she is brought to Ästad Farm on Christmas evening and given her runes. She joins work detail 1. Quite soon it is disclosed that she is pregnant, father undisclosed.


Spring: In Great Britain the public opinion on British witches abroad has had a great turn around. A public campaign named “Bring Our Witches home” by British upper class Witches gains ground and is finally rewarded the diplomatic and military resources to do so.

July: Alice Melbin gives birth.

September 1st: The Healers requested back up has finally arrived in the form of the Healer Anton Sandberg.

September: New guards.
Private Lena Engström
Private Asp Nilsson
Private Göran Andersson
Private Cleo Lennartsson
Soon thereafter a lot of people get the influenza and yet again medical and healers have to work around the clock. Healer Anton Sandberg wins respect.
The weak witch Majken Jansson has to be sent to a witch farm with a higher medical rating.

13 October 1941 Two Brittish diplomats Arrive at Ästad Farm. Majken Jansson is scheduled to return and a new arrival might make her company.