Rumours about characters


Head of Kitchen: Ada
Prononoun: She
Played by:  Emma Kleviam
The boss of the kitchen, very reliable and highly skilled in stretching your food stamps. Has worked here since it was a Childrens summer camp.

Kitchen Maid: Miss Clara
Prononoun: She
Played by:  Emma Öhrström (kitchen and make up volunteer)
A Lovely young lady who has worked with Mrs Ada for some years. Well liked by most. Comes from Avesta.

Kitchen Help Elis Ivarsson
Pronoun: he
Played by:  Myke Ripa (Volunteer)
A  local young lad who has worked with Mrs Ada for some years and is a familiar face. Is often entrusted with picking up the mail and telegrams.

Kitchen Maid/Driver: Miss Ingrid
Prononoun: She
Played by: Frida Laestander(kitchen and driving volunteer)
A volunteer in the Womens Drivers, she works both in the kitchen and driving cars and might be needed elsewhere. A relaxed and unmarried woman who does her best for her country.


Junior Oscarsson & Satan / Lucifer
Pronoun: he
Played by Anders Edgar

Lucifer’s manifestation has had a sexual relationship with the absolute majority of the witches before they turned 20 years old. Lucifer is said to always be present wherever there are satanic witches who profess themselves to him and honor their deal with him.



Commendante: Britt-Marie Larsson
Prononoun: She
Played by: Caroline Sjövall
Entered the armed forces in 1935, as soon as the bill that allowed women to enter the army went throught. Unmarried. There are persistent rumours that she has had more than one unfitting relationship while commanding Ästad Farm even though she herself fired Private Bjärn for the same thing. On the other hand, Bjärn got the witch Amelie Carlsson pregnant which could be used as proof..

Administrator Ingild Henriksson.
Prononoun: she
Played by: Anna Malmer
Has military training. Married to Dr. Karsten Henriksson. Loyal to Commandant Larsson but also zealous in how she handles  documents. Is the secretarial type that gets coffee and does errands. It is also her responsibility to keep letters in order and on time. Talk to her if you need to change rooms.

Administrator Greta Ingvarsson
Pronoun she
Played by: Marie Louise Sjögren
Trained to deliver the right material at the right time and to meet all requirements in terms of punctuality. Is a civilian employee of the Swedish Military. In addition to her work Greta also a deep interest in traditional Witch Faith and the rituals that are part of many witches’ lives, whether they are Christian, follows a traditional witch faith or Satanic Witchdom. She also helps out in the daily gymnastics class with Nurse August Bjärn.

The caretaker of the house: Marianne Oscarsson
pronoun: she
Played by: Karin Edman (main organizer).
The Caretaker listens to everyone’s stories and you can all come to her. She has the keys to everywhere in the house and yard. Acts sympathetic towards everyone. Dresses in pants and plaid shirts and is very practical and tries to not be a hassle of a person. Has her own office were anyone is welcome. Has worked here since it was a Childrens summer camp.


Corporal Linnea Arneflo
pronoun she
Played by: Karin Gustavsson
Corporal Linnea Arneflo signed up for armed duty in 1935 when it became legal for women. She is a nationalist just like his father. She follows orders without protests, but doesn’t mind treating others as fellow human beings, when she is off duty.
It was her soldier, Private Samuel Bjärn who got the witch Amelie Carlsson pregnant. She and the Commandant organized a rapid redeployment. This resulted in a hunger strike that lasted until Amelie and Private Bjärn had reestablished a contact.

Vice Corporal Märsta Johansson
Pronouns she
Played by: Yvonne Thalén
Märsta is a very routine-driven woman who prefers it when every day is just like the other. She also has very conservative values. She’s not a career-driven woman, but has reached her rank by being trustworthy and honest in her intent.
At Ästad Märsta has served since September 14, 1939. Every time the schedule has change, Märsta has protested. Märsta is one of those who insist that witches that are obstinate and do not follow the rules or habitually violating farm practices should be handled witch cold iron and brought down into the basement.
But there are still non-military people Märsta has a good eye too and maybe even could have been friends with if the circumstances were different.

Private Christian Frostvang
pronoun he
Played by: Björn Thalén
Served since September 13, 1939 at Ästad Farm without leave and is rightly disliked. Likes to control the inmates of Ästad Farm and how well they follow the rules. Those who do not follow the rules, should be punished, preferably in the basement. He often says that prisoners must be whole, clean, obedient, healthy and sober.
During the hunger strike,  Frostvang would not have hesitated to force feed the inmates if the order had been given. Private Eriksson and Privates Frostvang spend most of their time together.

Private Gunnar Eriksson
pronoun he
Played by: Martin Rydberg Heden
Served since September 14, 1939 at Ästad Farm. Gunnar is extremely routine-bound. Other privates may misinterpret this as that Gunnar being a bit, stupid and inflexible.
He also has opinions about being surrounded by women, some positive and some less positive.
Women in the military are good, but when the war is over, then they should be housewives. Eriksson and Private Frostvang spend most of their time together.
Gunnar is one of those who often get to carry/drag inmates who do not go voluntarily to the shower, or medical examinations or to work.
The worst conflict lies  between all members of the Work detail 5 and Private Eriksson. Work Group 1, however, can get many appreciative comments from Björn.
Women who show anger or cries make Private Eriksson uncomfortable, and it may lead to him becoming more brusque in stressful situations.

Private (recruit) Lena Engström
pronoun she
Played by: Britt-Inger Johansson
She has served on Ästad Farm since september 1941, and was one of the guards who unfortunately brought the flu to the farm. Engström really makes an effort to be flexible towards the Commandant, the corporal and the lance corporal and fulfill all orders. She is often the one who oversees the witches showers in the morning and usually organizes it so it won’t be too much trouble.
Seems to be on amicable terms with the witch Inga Frisk.

Private (recruit) Asp Nilsson
pronoun: he
Played by: Terje Walberg
One of the four new arrival guards and one of those who probably spread the flu. Privates Nilsson has a way with language that is very clear and accurate, although it is filled with the language of the military. Privates Nilsson seem to appreciate the way Private Eriksson upholds the routines, but has more than once made it clear that she dislikes his high voice. She agrees with Privates Frostvang in his philosophy that one should help others, not only the Witches, to be disciplined people. She is also very stoic and can put up with the worst kind of treatment from both the other servicemen, her superiors and the more provocative witches. However, she sha has more than once been driven to use too much force against the inmates when she has been egged on by the other guards.

Private (recruit) Göran Andersson
pronoun he
Played by: Niklas Henningson
Served on Ästad farm since September 1941, and is a new arrival. He is particularly interested in the medical work and the procedures that are in place to keep the inmates healthy even though they are overcrowded. He belives minimal deviations from hygien protocol can lead to a new epidemic like the one that occurred when there were new arrivals. It is possible that he feels extra guilty over the flu epidemic?
He has over a short amount of time had a lot to do with the satanic witches: Lily and Dagny. In the beginning he didn’t seem to take them seriously, but it seems that he increasingly started to get past his initial sceptisism.

Private (recruit) Cleo Lennartsson
Pronoun she.
Played by:  Anna Sandberg
Privates Lennartsson has served on Ästad farm since September 1941. She enlisted into the army earlier but have had other deployments than Witch Farms and this is her first time serving at one. Cleo can at times be perceived as very rigid, almost nervous around witches and healers, as if she is carrying a secret she does not feel sure will be kept secret in their presence.



Doctor Karsten Henriksson
pronoun: he
Played by: Qla Zetterberg
Has been the Camp Doctor in southern Sweden since 1939. Divides his time, like the rest of the healthcare team between  Ästad and three other farms that are home to witches: Sjöviken, Öja and Långaåsen.
His wife is the administrator Ingild Henriksson here at Ästad.  Dr. Henriksson has a good cooperation with Specialist Nurse  Jonsson about her Electric theraphy and have worked a long time with the male nurse Emil Linnesel. It is rumored that Emilia and Karsten had a brief relationship with each before he met his wife Ingild.
Last year in August a hunger strike broke out during which medical care became needed and the healthcare team was supposed to be at Sjöviken but came over.
When he hired a new nurse, he chose the newly trained male nurse August Bjärn. Coincidently this was the brother of Samuel Bjärn, who had fathered a child with the Witch Amelie Carlsson.

First Nurse Doris Enström
pronoun: she
Played by: Siri Arvidsson
The Undecided one.
She is considered to be a good person, but undecided and without defined opinions. At the same time she is perceived as the softest and gentlest of the Nurses and the side she usually switches too in any conflict is the loosing side. So many see her as a support to turn to when all else fails. She can certainly have heard a thing or two from people who still trust her. Just because she is nice, does not mean that she is not physically strong, she is after all the first nurse.
Divides her time, like the rest of the healthcare team,  Ästad and three other farms that are home to witches: Sjöviken, Öja and Långaåsen.

Third Nurse Alice Bjärn
pronoun she
Played by: Karolina Staël
The new nurse.
Alice is the most recent nursing graduate. She was recruited into Doctor Henriksson group. She came with the new ideas of daily gymnastics as exercise to keep the whole farm healthy. Alice also has a brother, Samuel Bjärn, who is military and had a placement on Ästad farm when it started out in september 1939. Private Bjärn however, was reassigned after making one of the inmates, Amelie Carlsson pregnant. The siblings have not worked at the same time at  Ästad and Alice has, because of Samuel’s slip up, a little niece at the Farm.
Divides her time, like the rest of the healthcare team, between Ästad and three other farms that are home to witches: Sjöviken, Öja and Långaåsen.

Specialist Nurse Hilda Jonsson
Played by: Karin Rappe
The Possessed.
Met Doktor Henriksson in school when she studied to become a nurse.
Trained as specialist nurse, she worked first in mental health where she came into contact with electric shock theraphy which she took with her to work as an assistant nurse at the Institute of Racial Biology.
Happy to investigate the various positive effects of electric theraphy she says it reduces the urge to use magic that plagues some of the inmates and give them pain and discomfort. Several of the witches have agreed to try electric shock theraphy.
Divides his time, like the rest of the healthcare team,  Ästad and three other farms that are home to witches: Sjöviken, Öja and Långaåsen.

Hall of healers
Healers are seen as a Swedish resource and has been allowed to take what service they want, but only if it is approved by the Swedish state. This leads to many healer placed on Witch farms. Healers presence is twofold:

1. Their presence reduces the risk of damage will be so serious that a witch should need hospitalization but the local medical team to cope with the basic health care.
2. Their continual efforts to strengthen the runes that each incarcerated witch wearings and reinforcing ritual surrounding the farm.

The professional: Margareta Lindberg
Pronoun: she
Played by: Maija Korhonen
Witch faith
Even healers need administration and although they often work in a flat organization internally Margareta sees a need for orderliness. But if one crosses Margaret, it can happen that some people may be relocated a little bit after her own head.
Margaret and Ann-Britt has served on Ästad Farm since around September 13, 1939.
It is they who drew the magical barrier that keeps witches on the inside. A serious illness in April 1940 when no medical team members was on site and that could not wait welded Margaret and her colleague Ann-Britt together. These days they rather not leave each other’s side. It was Margaret who wrote and asked for a third healer, which led to Anita arrival in September. Margaret also has a special relationship with the witch Majken Jansson, who has been very sick with the flu.
If a witch is not coming to the inspection of their rune Margaret will be chasing them down.

Animal Lover: Ann-Britt Andersson
pronouns she
Played by: Alex Tjusing
Witch faith
Had most of all wanted to be a veterinarian but as Healers have to get government approval when they start a new job, she came to work with the care of people, despite not being a people person. Earlier placement in a nursing home inside the Helsingborg city center. Feels much better about animals than about people. But has made proper efforts both at a medical emergency, the hunger strike and, most recently during the flu epedemic  for her fellow human beings.
She is near the new arrival May Abevin, who until recently lived in a cabin in the woods.

The fading one: Anton Sandberg
pronoun he
Played by: Mattias Tauson
The newest healer on Ästad Witch farm. Aniton arrived in September 1941, in time to help out at a large outbreak of flu / bronchitis. Anita was sitting up long nights and took care of the sick, and was once herself very ill compared to Margaret and Ann-Britt who got through the long shifts much better.
Now at the farm he is often helping the doctor when health care is on site every four weeks. He still have good days and bad days, depending on what they do together. The days he has primary responsibility to renew the runes are always the days he feels best and is in the best mood.


Work Group 1 – The well behaved

Johanna Bengtsson
pronouns she
Played by: Maria Sillén
Johanna’s family is relatively well-off and sends a few things to her by letter or package through the mail. She also has a fiancé she is almost bragging about which she has regular contact with through letters.
There are many inmates who owe Johanna favors becuase she has helped them out in a pinch with favors or things.

Pretty princess: Gertrude Lind
Pronoun: she
Played by: Niina Jurvelin
Gertrude has a love for beautiful things and if she had her magic she would surely use it to make the world a little more beautiful. She comes from a loving finnish home and worries a lot about her parents. Being cut off from her magic, she sometimes falls into depression, but she loves gathering pretty things and creating stuff from them. She is definitely looking for passion, something to reignite her, and appreciates pretty little gifts.
Gertrude Seems to deeply respects Johanna, even more than the rest of her tightly knit work detail.

Sweetheart – Alice Melbin and son
Pronouns: she
Played by: Frida Jacobson with baby son
Traditional witch faith
When orders 79 went into effect Alice went underground and lived with a number of men and women who were willing to hide a witch on the run. In December 1940 her luck ran out soldiers showed up and bound her in cold iron. Alice did not resist. Alice came to Ästad farm on christmas evening 1940 and gave birth to a son on 1 juli 1941. Alice has had three different romantic relationship at Ästad, one after another, and she has treated all of them well, living up to her nick name. Last relationship was with Gunborg Åstestedt in workgroup 2. Right now Alice is not in a relationship but are happy to provide relationship advice to those who ask for it.

Astrid Mannerblom
pronoun she
Played by: Sara Zackrisson Andersson
Berit Nilsson is her best friend. They spent their youth toghether and got their powers together.
When Astrid and her boyfriend were told that they would be interned, they chose get engaged. They mail a lot back and forth if they will try to arrange a marriage ceremony at Ästad or whether you should wait. Shortly before the Larp Astrid gets a letter with shocking news at the same time as she recently had a falling out with Berit.

Bertil Nilsson
pronoun: he
Played by: Jacob Ordeberg
Astrid Mannerblom is Bertils best friend. It is rumored that Bertil has worked actively to get rid of his runes and then been caught while he and Astrid quarreled about it. He may need a new best friend?

Workgroup 2 – Garden of eden

The majority of the group is influenced by the intelligent and charismatic Gunborg, the group’s natural leader who until recently also had a relationship with Alice Melbin. They are also home to the strong-willed Ingegärd, who refuses to talk to non-witches.

Gunborg Åsestedt
pronouns she
Played by: Nikoline Gilså
In her ordinary life outside of the farm, she is rich and it is said that she used her magic to get rich. But she is also scary smart and could just as easily gotten to where she is using her intelligence. She spreads a good atmosphere in her workgroup. She has recently got out of a relationship with the witch Sweetheart, Alice Melbin but they ended on good terms.

Inga Frisk
pronouns she
Played by: Clara Linderland
Witch faith
Inga was initially one of the quieter witches on the farm which, however, she has had a deteriorating mood as the months and now years have passed and has become more prone to outbursts. But no matter how stressed Inga is or how severe her outbursts Gunborg Åsestedt has a calming effect on her and she clings to their group. She also has a certain influence over the guard Lena Engström.

The Mutist: Ingmar Blomqvist
Pronoun: he
Played by: Drew Harpunea
Follows Traditional Witch faith
Ever since he was arrested in 1939, he is defiantly refusing to speak to anyone who is not a witch. He hates the camp management. He refuses to participate in any medical investigations or treatments, even when She falls sick or gets injured and has been forced to do so several times.
The camp management has given up on trying to communicate with him and find out anything about what he thinks and instead just treats him as cattle that has to be fed, exercised and then herded back into the house.
He does have friends, and they are even pretty protective of him, often speaking in his place if he does get a question.
The healers, especially Ann-Britt Andersson, treat him as livestock when they renew the runes. Sometimes Ingmar just sits there, accepting being manhandled, sometimes he fights them and the guards have to assist. He often hides “good to have” -things in various places all over the house. Sometimes These hidden thing have been discovered and there have been consequenses. Some of the witches say he doesn’t understand Swedish.

The girl from the forest: May Abevin
pronoun: she
Played by: Saara Kantti
Traditional Witch faith
May was “found” recently in the woods when “Försvarstabens avdelning för särskilda insatser” was actually searching for her grandmother, and at the hidden cabin, where her grandmother lived, so did May. May is newly arrived, last friday, and nothing about her clothes, appearance or hairstyle is in fashion. It makes her a strange bird and an easy victim. She does not really know how to talk to people and can seem both stiff and old-fashioned. Meanwhile some people’s heart just go out to her and others are just curious about how it is outside the Ästad Farm fence. Especially the Healer Ann-Britt Andersson has been a good listener.

Margit Edgren
pronoun she
Played by: Johanna Boklund
Has worked as a substitute history teacher in her hometown, and is one of the few at the Farm who at a deeper level understand why Order 79 was implemented. She is happy to share her knowledge about witch history and can be strangely complicit with some of the rules of the farm.

Work Group 3 – About Mothers and Children

Viola Karlsdotter
pronoun: she
Played by: Anna-Lisa Gustavsson
Viola is married and has daughters who live in different places in Sweden, because her husband couldn’t take care of them all. Her oldest daughter, who does live with Violas husband recently became a teenager. Viola was one of those on hunger strike in 1940 when the father of the inmates witch Amelie kids got reassigned. Often say, “Oh, creator of Heaven” in Swedish to emphasize when things are good or bad.

Märta Johansson
pronoun she
Played by: Josefin Isaksson
Witch faith
New arrival who arrives in game.
The hardened veteran, was placed under Order 79 with her mother Siv. They came from a small village in northern Uppland (a part of sweden) where they were the only residents with witch powers. Märta is Siv’s youngest daughter. Märtas mother Siv is in her eighties. Due to her mother’s old age, her mother was capable of making violent magical resistance when the military escort that would bring them to the collection center in Västerås appeared. Neither Märta or Siv heeded the summoning of order 79. As a consequence of their resistance Siv and Märta were placed on a penalty farm in the Witch farm system. When Siv was relocated for age related health reasons they got separated. The background also means that Märta is a new arrival.

The Father – Jakob Holm
pronouns he
Played by: Janusz Maxe
Witch faith
Father of Eva Nyberg
Jakob’s mother, Eva’s grandmother, was a weak witch weak and compared with her, Jakob is a strong witch in spite of being male. According to tradition, this should mean that his daughter Eva is relatively weak. Jakob was one of those on hunger strike in 1940. He forbade his daughter to participate in the hunger strike, but Eva went on strike anyway.

Amelie Carlsson and baby
pronouns: she, baby he
Played by: Emma Feldmanis and baby son
Amelie has no close family left alive in sweden.  When a sexual relationship between the Guard Samuel Bjärn and Amelie was discovered the child’s father got a reassignment with immediate effect. However, his sister Alice Bjärn was later recruited into the healthcare Group and serves there now.
The abrupt reassignment caused a hunger strike by several of the detainees who identified with the separation from partners and family.

The daughter – Eva Nyberg
Pronoun: she

Played by: Leo Cronander
Witch faith
Daughter of Judith Holm. Her mother Judith is seen as a strong witch and according to tradition, this should mean that Eva herself is relatively weak. However, she was detained at such a young age that Eva and her mother never really got to know. She participated in the hunger strike in 1940 against her mother’s expressed wish.

Team 4 – broken in half

Dagny Eriksson
pronouns she
Played by: Maja Hansson
satanic witch faith
The true love in Dagny’s life is the other satanic witch Lily.
They have been in a stable romantic relationship for years and have created much of their strongest magic before 1939. She is an openly Satanic Satanist. Both Dagny and Lily like to be provocative both in the way they dress, the way they adorn themselves and behave. They are also open to the witches that they would introduce them to the satanic witch-beliefs and re-introduce them to their lover, Lucifer.
The Guard Görel Andersson also seems to be fascinated by Dagny and her partner.

Lily Åkbalk
pronoun: she
Played by: Elli Engström
satanic witch faith

Lily has for many years had a stable romantic relationship with Dagny Eriksson and much of their strongest magic before 1939 they have done together. Lily is very proud of Dagny and brags about her and everything she can do and has done. Sometimes they say that even Lucifer is currently at Ästad farm, as he is in all places where satanic witches worship him and keep their word to him. She also says that she would like to “show” any witch who is willing.

Ester Olsson
pronoun: she
Played by: Cecilia Redner
Witch faith

Esther is extra strong-willed in many witches’ eyes, and more than one person at the farm has a good eye to her and would have been happy to have her attention. She has never talked about any fiancé outside of Ästad farm, or shown any interest in any particular person inside the farm’s boundaries. However, she is good friends with Elizabeth Lindberg despite all her shortcomings.

Elisabeth Lindberg

prnoun: she
Played by: Linda Berntsson
Elizabeth is a rather petty, resentful and envious person. In spite of all this, Ester Olsson is her very Close friend. The rest of you, she would probably sell out to the guards or administration if you got in her way.

Daughter of a preacher man: Doris Ulvaeus
Pronoun: she
Played by: Hanna Modin
Coming from a family with a long line of priests who were involved in the fight against the witch burners in the Swedish Church. Already in the 1600s, there are traces of witches who married into the family and it is this lineage that gave Doris her power, which she used before her detention to delve deeply into the Christian mysteries.
Open and clearly Christian she tries her best to be kind to both the employees and her fellow prisoners and obedient towards Ästad Farm rules. Doris believes fully that you should love the sinner and hate the sin, and examples of this is her friendship with Astrid from the infamous fifth workgroup and her choice to socialize openly with Dagny and Lily.

Work group 5 – the dysfunctional ones

The strongest – Sonja Berg.
pronoun: she
Traditionally witch fate
Played by: 
Would, in a fight, beat anyone on Ästad Farm, as long as the other person was alone and not equipped with Cold iron. Queen of the playground as a child. Unmarried due to an uninterest in men. A bully also at the farm. In any bored situations she will choose to entertain herself by pickick on the weakest. This mostly consists of Majken Jansson in her own work detail. This way she also gets out of a lot of work, letting Majken do it for her. Her closest co-bully Benjamin Magnusson (a weak male witch who immigrated to Sweden in adulthood) and the Finnish immigrant witch Barbro Wallin who has served a prison sentence.

The Coat turner: Beth Magnusson – Sonjas Gang
Pronoun: she
Played by: Tindra Englund
She was born in England, but her family moved around a lot due to the unrest in Europe at the time and has lived in Poland and Denmark before coming here.
She says she never truly believed in magic or the occult and don’t really “get” witches and their traditions. She does not identify as a witch, yet all the paperwork has her down as one. She more often than not sides with Sonja in any conflict and acts as Sonjas muscles. But if she can, Beth will slip away unnoticed.
Also, her not taking care of her runes and being caught with them faded has gone on her permanent record.

Barbro Wallin – Sonja’s gang
Pronoun: she
Played by: Amanda Gardfors Granberg
Follows Traditional Danish witch faith
Has been serving a prison sentence in an ordinary women’s prison for armed robbery. Spent a lot of time in solitary confinement. In 1939, at the very end of her prison sentence Order 79 came into effect and instead of being released she was sent to Ästad Farm. With the way the war has been going this might have been a blessing in disguise.
Barbro is part of Sonja’s gang.

Astrid Adrup – Sonja’s gang

pronoun: she
Played by: Alec Ahlqvist
Christian / Traditonal witch faith
Comes from a very Christian family that has abandoned her because she is a witch. Sonja, Benjamin and Barbro gives her the loyalty and backing Astrid missed out on as a teenager. However she has seemingly become closer with Doris from work detail 4 who has a similar background.

The weakest – Majken Jansson.
Played by: Anneli Friedner
A traditional local witch faith from her area.

Majken is a particularly weak witch. She would not be a threat to anyone on the outside, yet here she is because of Order 79. Majken is obediently following both Ästad farm’s rules and the arbitrary rules Sonja from her work detail sets up from day to day. Majken has also had several private and precious belongings stolen, even a brand new lipstick she received in the mail.
Majken has been seriously ill during the recent flu epidemic and had top be sent away to better be taken care of. She is scheduled to return soon.

Diplomats – Bring Our Witches home

The Feminine – Jennifer Audrey Daugherty
Pronoun: she
Played by: Camilla Mörn

One of two British diplomats looking for witches with a british heritage. Talking to her might give witches a chanse to get out of sweden, but what faith awaits them if they go?
Gives of a feminine vibe.

The Masculine – Addie Christian Fry
Pronoun: he
Played by: Kevin Blank
Religion: Christian

One of two British diplomats looking for witches with a british heritage. Gives of a masculine vibe.




Extra characters/not played 2017:

Second Nurse: Emilia Linnesel
pronoun: she
Played by:
The strict one.
When Emilia was studying to be a nurse she did part of her studying at the same hospital that Dr Henriksson was working at and they got along amicably.
If  Doctor Henriksson had not been there, Linnesel probably would have not had the opportunity to work as a nurse at a Witch Farm.
She believes that the rules of the farm are made to be followed, and that patients should do as the doctor says. She may have their own thoughts about what she does at work but she performs her duties as her ethics tells her to. Stressing the importance of being called for her professional title, nurse and react negatively if she is referred to as an attendant.
Divides her time, like the rest of the healthcare team between  Ästad and three other farms that are home to witches: Sjöviken, Öja and Långaåsen.

Propaganda filmmaker

Propaganda Filmmaker: Hedvig Johannesson
Pronoun she.
Played by:
One of two filmmakers with a mission to document the work at Ästad Farm using a film camera and doing interviews. They were sent out by the Military department for special initiatives, the governmental body that runs the Witch Farms.

Propaganda Filmmaker: Ebba Junker
Pronoun she.
Played by:
One of two filmmakers with a mission to document the work at Ästad Farm using a film camera and doing interviews. They were sent out by the Military department for special initiatives, the governmental body that runs the Witch Farms.