Witches and Healers

The official statistics say that 1 in 1000 swedes are witches. Out of 10 witches, only one is male. No one knows why.

Magic, is a force of nature, one that in it’s original state can only be felt, harnessed and used by witches and healers. To actually have any kind of control, a witch has to ritualize the use of magic. However the ritualization can be very brief, simple and ordinary looking.

Western witchcraft uses 4 to 5 main elements: earth, fire, water, air and aether/spirit. Ethnographic research on magic in other parts of the world seems to show that this has nothing to do with the nature of magic. Rather it has to do with the culture that the witch was raised in. It is simply a convenient way of understanding the Craft.

Linking magic: Witches that know each other very well can link. It was this ability that was using during the first Great War and made it possible for those witches to wreak such mass destruction. Linked witches have their power squared, if they can agree upon what they want done.

Limits: Limits: Witches cannot foresee the future. However, there are Higly Sensitive Witches that can get a feeling about what will happen in the next couple of days.  Due to how being Highly Sensitive affects their whole life, they often isolate themselves. The classical witch hiding in a cottage in the woods or a hermit out in the desert is often a Highly Sensitive Witch.

The Devil is real.
Most witches have met the devil in their teens or early twenties shortly after they discovered they were witches. The physical manifestation of the devil is very much influenced by the depiction of him in the bible and well known works of literature. A dark power in the deep of magic, his appearance will be shaped by cultural imaginations. Most witches only have experiences associated with the devil in their teens and early twenties unless they choose to associate themselves further. The experience is deeply erotic, no matter the sexual preferences of the witch or their gender. Beyond the sex, the devil also offers to further the witch’s most egotistical yearnings and multiply their powers. If they will just sign the dotted line with their name written in blood…

This devilish influence his the reason why the Swedish State Church decided to stop the persecution of witches, which drove them into the arms of the devil and go back to a more original Christian idea that witches must be saved from the Devil. This is also why most witches are Christians.