The following page will be about the accessibility of the event.

Airborne allergies and scent sensitive participants.
No animals who have fur are allowed indoors unless it’s a  animal assistant.
We ask that you mostly use non perfumed products. We will have non perfumed soap in all the bathrooms.
Smoking will only take place outdoors by the cellar entrance and coats will be hanged in a room in the basement. Incense is only allowed outdoors.
We will be burning wood in a fireplace both indoors and one outdoors, but the indoor ventilation is adequate.

You will be able to write about food allergies and sensitivities when you sign up. Vegan and vegetarian food will be the main source of nourishment but other food accommodations are not a given and will depend on who will be head chef. If you have special needs when it comes to food, we need you to be in personal contact with the head chef, to prevent any mix ups.
The full menu will be available two weeks before the larp.
Because we only have one kitchen and are working with volunteers, the food will not be gluten free since we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination.

Physical issues and pain issues
Only the main floor is a wheelchair accessible. You enter via a ramp and there are two extra wide beds available that you can lower by electrical motor, if you need it you can get an extra mattress. Indoor temperature is warm and comfortable. In game its been two weeks since most characters recovered from the influenza, if you wish to have an in game explanation for the need for extra down time and rest. If you tell us in time, you will get help doing your part of the finishing clean up.


Lack of mental focus, burn out, mental illness, neuropsychiatric issues
As said above all character can have suffered from the influenza and might have a need to go and rest any time during the day. If need be, one of the dorms will be made especially free from smells, light and possibility to put up a “do not disturb”-sign. However if you are a smoker this dorm will be off limits to you. Also remember that if you have been down to the fire pit you can smell from that smoke.
The larp has a clear schedule that is available on the web site and will be posted on site so you can plan on how to spend your energy. Between 10 PM and 6 AM player sleep will not be disturbed unless previously and individually agreed upon. Be careful not to wake up your room mates. The cellar and the garden will be available for play at all hour of the day.
During the workshops you are welcome to take photos or play with your phone if that helps with your focus and memory.
We use name tags in game.

Gender identity.
We only ask for your gender identity during sign up to help with statistics and to keep the game “women-centered”. When choosing a role only the binary genders female/male is available but it’s up to you to choose for yourself how others gender your character and in no way reflect the way the organizers see gender.
You can read more about gender and also on how we play on ethnicity here.

/Karin Edman