Gender and ethnicity ingame

Both Karin and Linda are feminists, but we are still going to organize a game that allows sexism.

That said, in our version of Sweden in 1941 there are women in the armed forces. That does not mean they are seen as equals.
The Swedish state does not conscript or force women into the military forces but in my world women are allowed to enter training for the armed forces out of their own free will.
Many women have done so, only to discover after training that they are placed in armed positions that are deemed fitting for women, such as guarding witches in internment.

Most guards at the game will be women but other might still be sexist towards them, expecting them to return “home” after the war.

However women will be the majority and the minority of male characters at the game might have a need to bond with other male characters whether this is fitting or not.

I do not want to limit my players because of the colour of their skin, hair or eyes. At the same time I do not want us to forget the nationalistic and racist themes that were present in Sweden 1941. I do not wish to pretend there was no racism in Sweden. We will not base the in-game racism on looks but on perceived nationality. We will visibly mark nationality on the characters name tags with a yellow and blue band, for all characters that are perceived as Swedish. You yourself will make the choice whether to wear the band or not. You might also chose to remove it or add it later on.