What: A  Nordic style larp about witches who are being interred by the Swedish state in 1941 and the Staff that tend to them.

When: 10:00 AM October 13 – 3:00 PM October 15  2017 
Price: 110 EUR/ 1100 SEK
Where: Ästad 4H Farm outside of Varberg, Sweden.
Sign Up: Opens in the evening of April 23 and closes May 7 2017. Participants will be drawn by lottery but internationals and those who signed up in the first week will be favored. All sign up after this goes to the reserve.

You can arrive in the afternoon of October 12:th and sleep at the venue.

Payment: Payment is 1100SEK or 110 EUR to to Berättelsefrämjandet’s account 8327-9, 933143279-0 Swedbank. International: IBAN SE1380000832799331432790 SWIFT/BIC: SWEDSESS.
Mark the payment with your real name.
If for any reason you have trouble paying before June 30 2017, please contact us as soon as possible.

If you are a reserve who gets a role closer to the the larp you pay when you have accepted a character..

Linda Rosengren is responsible for payments and you can Contact her by phone (046)70-3038295 or mail the organizer email.

Transport: Varberg Train station is the closest. We can organize pick up by car for 3 EUR/ 30 SEK. If you are driving and need a map, look below for a google map link. Parking is free and very close to the house.

Sleeping: The venue offers bunk beds with mattresses, pillows and duvets in them for all participants. You bring your own bed linens, but the venue has fire hazard rules against using sleeping bags.

Eating: All characters will be fed, food and snacks are included in the price. We will ask about food sensitivities and diets at a later stage but we already know the food will be lactose free and that we cannot accommodate those of you on a gluten free diet due to cross contamination. Food will be available at set times but you can hide snacks both out of game and in game.

Hygiene: You need to bring your own towel and daily Showers will be mandatory for witches in game, but it’s possible to opt out of showering with others. There are several toilets in the house. On the top floor there will be an out of game room with 3 hand basins. This room will mainly be used as a hair and make up hub for those who use modern tools and products.

Language: Your character may speak any language that you speak, but there will be some characters that demand you speak Swedish.



10:00 Workshops
12:00 Food
13:00 Workshops
15:00 your own prep-time
16:30 We go In game, starting with Gymnastics
18:00 Dinner for most
19:00 Indoor activity
22:00 Lights out

7:00 Guards wake up – their shower time
7:30 Staff meeting 
7:30 wake up call, showers open for Witches.
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Work for the Witches
10:30 Coffee break

12:00 Lunch for most of the people.
13:00 Work for the Witches
14:30 Coffee break
15:00 Work for the Witches
16:00 Gymnastic for everyone
18:00 Dinner for most
19:00 Calm indoor activities/ religious activities
22:00 Lights out.

7:00 Guards wake up – their shower time
7:30 Staff meeting
7:30 wake up call, showers open for Witches.
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Work for the Witches
10:30 Coffee available
11:30 Game ends with theme song and lunch is served.
12:30 Clean up instructions are available and you clean out your room with your room mates and then help out where you are needed.
15:00 all players are allowed to go.
17:00 Inspection by the real groundskeeper.
18:00 We close the farm and you have to leave.

How to get to Ästad 4h Farm