Characters expectations

De olika rollerna på lajvet/The different character types

Player experience as a


  • You will find your own fitting clothes to emulate a cinematic 1941.
  • You can speak any language.
  • You will rise at 7:30
  • Showers will be open for 30 minutes. (Private shower time can be offered upon notifying the organizer)
  • You will eat at 8:00, 12:00 and 18:00.
  • You will do some kind of work in the morning, and then again after lunch.
  • You will do some kind of group physical exercise in the afternoon at about 16:30.
  • You will have free time for games and music indoors in the evening.
  • You will be expected to go to sleep between 22:00 and midnight. Lights out is at 22:00.
  • You will have runes painted on your left arm, to keep your character here and to subdue her powers. Both can be manipulated over time or with great mental will.


  • You will play a trusted Swede. Therefore you must speak swedish.
  • You might have to wear a uniform jacket made of wool. At this time we do not know if we can provide one for everyone.
  • You will rise at 7.00
  • You will have a staff meeting and breakfast at 7:30.
  • You will have three meals and two snacks during the day but at uneven times.
  • You will take shifts watching the witches during the day, until their free time after dinner.
  • You can play on having relations with others, but you might get punished. Your character can’t be fired during the game though.


  • You will play a trusted swede.
  • You will rise at 7.
  • You will have staff meeting and breakfast at 7:30
  • You will have three meals and two snacks at set times.
  • You will wear fitting attire for the 1940’s and your characters.
  • You will interact with the British about a sensitive topic.
  • You will do a lot of paperwork.

The British Diplomats, 2 players


  • You will play brits of high status.
  • You must speak excellent english.
  • You will dress in fitting attire.
  • You will have a slightly shorter larp than the others, possibly missing a meal.
  • You will have the meals you are offered as guests on the same time as administration.
  • You will interact with administration about a sensitive topic.
  • You will interview guards.
  • You can ask for help from the camp hospital to match dental records and collect blood samples.
  • You will interview and test witches to see if they match missing witches from Great Britain.
  • You will do a lot of paperwork.
  • You will make the final decision on who comes with you to an uncertain future in Great Britain.

Camp Hospital

  • You will need to emulate the role of a doctor or nurse.
  • You will have a strict hierarchy.
  • You might sometimes miss staff meetings unless you play head Doctor.
  • You will follow the hippocratic oath, but maybe witches aren’t humans?
  • You will have three meals and two snacks at uneven times.
  • You are allowed to experiment on witches and members of the Hall of Healers.
  • You are only allowed to experiment on staff if their character permits it.
  • You will decide among you who is “on call” at different times during the day.
  • You will do some paper work.
  • Your character moves between four different camps to do health check ups and due to this might be have less cosy sleeping arrangements.

Hall of healers

  • You are, in fact, a witch. However, you can’t hurt anyone – not even to defend yourself.
  • You are expected to work together with the camp hospital.
  • Healers are allowed to use their magics but only in the employ of the Swedish state.
  • You will dress all in white, blue details are allowed.
  • If you can look other-worldly with the help of makeup, that is encouraged.
  • You are allowed to affect the scenography of the “Hall of healers” even with things that were not around in 1941.Your main job is to “Imbue” other witches with strong runes that prohibit them from leaving or using their magics. This means painting a pattern on skin. You will also help heal if asked by camp hospital staff.
  • You will decide who of you that takes the night shift.


  •  Kitchen will be mainly run by npcs
  • You will instruct witches work detail in what is the work to be done today.
  • You will take care of most non-larp related tasks. Status:
  • The administration waits for no one.
  • The Deaconess waits for administration
  • Camp Hospital staff wait for administration and the Deaconess.
  • The guards wait for administration, the deaconess and camp hospital staff.
  • Hall of healers waits for all above.
  • The witches wait for all others.

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