• Workshop: Cinematic Torture (2014)(2017) – designer and workshop leader
  • A week in Gothenburg (2014) – one of several hosts, Pre Knutpunkt
  • Utvecklingsforum Att jobba sig ur krisen (2015) – co-host at Prolog.
  • Workshop: ASMR och lajv (2015) – Designer and workshop leader at Prolog
  • Workshop: ASMR and larp (2015) – one of two workshop leaders at Knudepunkt
  • Workshop: Skrik och Panik för män (2016) – Designer and Workshop leader at Prolog
  • Larp women Unite-träff  at Prolog (2015, 2016, 2017) – Co-host with Sigrid Neld in 2016
  • Taktil beröring (2016)
  • Dramatisk modellteckning (2016) – Co-host with Anneli Friedner at Prolog

Cinematic Torture is a practical workshop designed to help designers and participants of larps mostly set in modern day. It contains a dramatic demonstration and then divides the participants into groups who get to try different mechanics to simulate torture enacted on each other. The focus is safety, communication and what it feel like on a sensory level. If you complete this workshop you can get a pdf with the folder and then hold your own workshop.

ASMR and Larp is a workshop that teaches partcipants about Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and abut the different triggers that people are sensitive to. We then practice on each other on how to help each other relax and be receptive. The workshop end with a brainstorming session about how to incorporate relaxation into larp settings.

Skrik och Panik för män (Screaming and panicking for men): is a separatist workshop for men who larp. We talk about what kind of different things one can communicate through screaming and the role panic can play in storytelling. We then practice different kinds of non aggressive screams using warm up exercises and go through some short scenarios in which the men practise reacting with fear and panic through their characters.